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No cruise ships, casinos or stoplights on the 36 square mile island of Nevis, and the only traffic jams are due to sheep or donkeys crossing the road. A leeward island in the Caribbean that along with St Kitts forms … Continue reading

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Vacation Thoughts and Global Entry

The destination is less important than the change of pace – disrupting the routine and exploring something new is what I love… …though a beautiful destination doesn’t hurt! I sleep well when I’m away since the things that tend to … Continue reading

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Thirty six square miles of paradise in the Caribbean Sea. Peaceful, beautiful and lush with blue-green water and long stretches of sandy beaches. Nevis Peak dominates the center of the island and is frequently covered with clouds. The island was … Continue reading

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I’m not sure where to begin to describe Nevis—peaceful, beautiful, laid-back, unspoiled — and one of my favorite places in the world. It is a happy combination of brightly colored fishing boats… incredible, empty beaches… and interesting architecture. It’s also … Continue reading

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