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No cruise ships, casinos or stoplights on the 36 square mile island of Nevis, and the only traffic jams are due to sheep or donkeys crossing the road. A leeward island in the Caribbean that along with St Kitts forms … Continue reading

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Vieques 2014

The first thing I did when we were considering a trip to Vieques was to google how to pronounce it! The simplest pronunciation I found was B-A-K. Seemed easy enough. Once we arrived, I heard it said so many different … Continue reading

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The customs officer at the airport in Bermuda asked us if this was our first trip to the island. When we responded “yes,” he said “what took you so long?!”Our taxi driver asked us the same question as she gave … Continue reading

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I’m not sure where to begin to describe Nevis—peaceful, beautiful, laid-back, unspoiled — and one of my favorite places in the world. It is a happy combination of brightly colored fishing boats… incredible, empty beaches… and interesting architecture. It’s also … Continue reading

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