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Highland cattle (known locally as ‘coos’) have a double coat of long hair making them well suited to the rain, cold and winds in the Highlands of Scotland. They are also hilariously photogenic.Throughout the trip we sought as many opportunities … Continue reading

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San Francisco

Before the free tour even began, the SF City Guide started talking about POPOS and I quickly debated with myself whether I should casually walk away, since I had no idea what she was talking about and other people were … Continue reading

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Basque Country, Spain

Basque Country isn’t like the rest of Spain. Proudly perched on the northern Atlantic coast, near the border of France, the region, locally known as Euskadi, has its own distinct language, strong cultural traditions, celebrated cuisine and amazing wines.I recently … Continue reading

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No cruise ships, casinos or stoplights on the 36 square mile island of Nevis, and the only traffic jams are due to sheep or donkeys crossing the road. A leeward island in the Caribbean that along with St Kitts forms … Continue reading

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Lisbon, Portugal

Bursting with history and faded charm, Lisbon was the perfect host for my recent visit.Every corner I turned revealed something special…a colourful tram, beautiful tile work, laundry brightening a drab building, a view to the river, a castle…even in the … Continue reading

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Rancho la Puerta

Some trips are about the exotic and unusual. And some are about the familiar and comfortable. Some manage to combine both. I have been going to Rancho la Puerta, a fitness and spa retreat in Tecate, Mexico off and on for … Continue reading

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The Danube River

Our first look at the Danube River in Budapest. It was a grey, cold day but the twists and turns of the river through the city were still impressive. Unfortunately, the boat we were spending the week on was docked … Continue reading

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