Prince Edward Island is acres of potatoes, miles of beautiful, empty beaches, amazing cloud patterns and lobster!

IMG_8057We drove through Maine to get to PEI and stopped in St. Andrews NB at the Rossmount Inn for the night. Dinner at the Inn was amazing and the beginning of my daily lobster diet!

Our first meal in PEI was a lobster roll at The Lobster Shack in Souris. Located right on the beach, the roll was delicious and so were the oysters, so good that we ate lunch there twice!

We stayed at The Inn at Bay Fortune overlooking the Fortune River. The Inn is owned by Chef Michael Smith and his wife Chastity. Michael is a well-known Canadian chef with an international reputation for simple, sustainable home cooking.

Each night the FireWorks restaurant at Inn at Bay Fortune features a unique Feast showcasing locally sourced foods all prepared over live fires. The menu changes nightly but always starts with the Oyster Hour…on the night we were there we had oysters, grilled chicken tacos, smoked salmon and sausages with a maple mustard dip and fresh herbs. And that was all before dinner! Our breakfast waitress Ruthie had warned us to not go crazy during the Oyster Hour and save some room for the many courses to come. Wise advice.

Greenwich National Park was on my list of places to visit so after a fabulous breakfast at the Inn, we set off for a day of exploring.

After walking through woods, on a floating boardwalk,

IMG_7479and through parabolic dunes,

IMG_7518we came to a gorgeous, empty beach.

IMG_8036Walking the beach built up an appetite so we got back in the car and followed the Points East Coastal Drive to Naufrage and had lunch at the Shipwreck Point cafe. Another spectacular view and great lunch.

Paddles on Fortune River, a kayak and canoe rental place, had just opened down the road from the Inn so we reserved kayaks for one morning and thoroughly enjoyed the tranquility of the Fortune River and the bald eagle that swooped by and then perched on a tree and let us watch him.



IMG_8153Our last meal was at Point Prim Chowder House where we enjoyed a fabulous seafood dinner and the sunset. We ate outside and when it started to get cool, the owner offered us blankets so we could continue to watch the sun sink into the water.

We packed a lot into a few days and could easily have spent much more time in PEI.







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9 Responses to P.E.I.

  1. That looks amazing! Your photos are gorgeous! PEI is now on my list (near the top)!

  2. Dee says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love those empty beaches.

  3. Beautiful photos ! Would love to spend more summertime in PEI, and oyster hour ! Yummy! Great clouds!

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  5. Kay Compagnoni says:

    Great blog! Dinner was just as fabulous at the inn as you promised! Beautiful photos. I’m with you on the daily duet of lobster!

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