Vacation Thoughts and Global Entry

The destination is less important than the change of pace – disrupting the routine and exploring something new is what I love…


…though a beautiful destination doesn’t hurt!

I sleep well when I’m away since the things that tend to wake me up at home are also on vacation. And someone else does most of the cooking. I can linger over my coffee and read a book before breakfast if I want. And drink tropical concoctions with umbrellas in them!


I think the ideal time away is nine days so you can experience every single day of the week without any of them being travel days. That isn’t always possible, however even one night away can provide the break you need.

We just spent a week in Nevis with our sons and their significant others. Highlights of the trip were the usual suspects for delicious meals…Double Deuce, Sunshine’s, Lime, Golden Rock and Nisbet Beach BBQ   and a rain forest hike with Reggie Douglas of Nevis Adventure Tours.

Reggie is an excellent guide who has infinite patience and knowledge about the area. His mother and girlfriend sell handmade soap and I picked up several bars to take home. I am loving the coconut soap and wish I had bought more!

I had trouble choosing which tote bag to buy from Deborah Tyrell of Nevis Island Living so I asked the millennials to model them for me!


And then it was time to go. We entered the US in Miami. That airport is always a nightmare and even a three hour window between flights was not enough time to clear customs, get our bags, give our bags back and then run to our gate. Our connection was delayed which is the only reason we made our flight.

I was excited to try the mobile passport app as a way to speed through the customs line. Currently only 5 US airports have the technology but Miami was on the list. (Canadians can use the app too!) Despite downloading the app and scanning our passports, when it came time to skip the line, only 2 of the 6 of us could use it. Not much help since we were all flying together so we waited in the long customs line.

The day after our return I decided to take the plunge, pay the $100 fee and apply for Global Entry. I have watched with envy as people breeze by me and walk through the special expedited line. Hopefully, that will be me the next time I travel. I’ll try not to make eye contact with the rest of you in line!




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4 Responses to Vacation Thoughts and Global Entry

  1. Looks fun – maybe we’ll meet you there someday!

  2. Betsy Wertheimer says:

    Loved this entry….thanks sooooooo much. You left me giggling.

    Sent from my iPad


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