Southampton, Ontario

I grew up swimming in Georgian Bay in crystal clear, cold water. When I first moved to Massachusetts and went swimming in a lake, I was horrified. The water was warm and the bottom of the lake was squishy! What a treat to return to Ontario this past weekend and swim in Lake Huron. This is what a lake is meant to be!

We traveled to Southampton to attend my nephew Sam’s wedding. Friday evening we gathered to meet family and friends and then walked on the beach path to the Canadian flag. The flagpole is the town gathering spot for the sunset and a bagpipe player!

Our accommodations were wonderful…Beach Rocks B&B, located directly across the street from the water. The ground floor of the owner’s home had two bedrooms and a large living space to share. A delicious, filling breakfast was served upstairs on their screened porch.

The B&B also provided easy access to a multi-use path along the water. We walked both directions on the path, observing birds, bikers, rocks and Lake Huron.

We had dinner at Duffy’s Fish and Chips, which was a short walk from the beach on the main street in Southampton. The panfried Lake Huron Whitefish was delicious.
We were told to try the jelly donuts at Offshore Bakery so we made a stop on Saturday afternoon for some. And of course I bought a couple butter tarts because they make me happy! The donuts and the tarts were the perfect snack with our pre-wedding G&T made with Georgian Bay gin.
Barbara and Alan MacLeod, the B&B owners, recommended swimming at Beach Street and also suggested the fries from Gerry’s Fast Food, a little take-out place at the beach. We followed their suggestions and after swimming got an enormous order of fries which we split between five of us! Excellent recommendations!

Then we headed to the wedding…

Congratulations to Sam and Ellen, I’m so glad they chose Southampton for their wedding!

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2 Responses to Southampton, Ontario

  1. ACC says:

    What a great photo of the B&G!
    I have never been able to get used to the idea of swimming in a lake…how does it clean itself out, without tides? And yes, the squishy bottom…ugh. (though the rocky beach, sea urchins and mussels in Maine are no picnic either!

  2. Loved this entry Heather! Beautiful photos and great descriptions – I’d like to go!!!

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