Thirty six square miles of paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

Peaceful, beautiful and lush with blue-green water and long stretches of sandy beaches.

Nevis Peak dominates the center of the island and is frequently covered with clouds.
The island was named ‘Nuestra Senora de las Nieves’ (Our Lady of the Snows) since the volcanic peak appeared to be covered in snow. In the 18th century, Nevis was nicknamed “Queen of the Caribees,” due to the fact that 20% of the British Empire’s total sugar production came from Nevisian plantations. Sugar cane is no longer grown on the island and tourism now drives the economy.

We stayed at Nisbet Plantation, a former sugar and coconut plantation on the beach, where dinner is served in the restored Great House dating back to 1778.
The beautiful grounds are lined with palm trees, the beach is perfect,

and the staff is friendly! Violet had a big smile for us everyday at breakfast.

Colorful fishing boats are all over the island with creative names on them.

Not surprisingly, fresh fish is on the menu in most restaurants. I had grilled lobster at Sunshine’s Beach Bar, grilled Mahi Mahi at Double Deuce and grilled Wahoo at Bananas. All of it was prepared simply and delicious.

Piggy has been the gardener at Oualie Beach Hotel for 27 years, tending to the grounds, the coconut trees and the guests. We have stayed at the hotel many times when our kids were younger and Piggy was always a friendly face.

He is quite skilled at chopping open a coconut for the freshest coconut water ever.

Charlestown is the capital of Nevis and worth a visit to walk the town center and explore the local architecture.

A new addition to the limited selection of shops in town is the Charlestown Art Gallery, coordinated by the effusive Deborah Tyrell of Nevis Island Living.

The weather was perfect except for an occasional downpour. The rain never lasts long and usually leaves behind a rainbow and beautiful droplets on the plants.

There is a decent road that circles the island and is worth the drive. Goats, sheep and monkeys often dart in your path, adding to the fun.

Reggie Douglas of Nevis Adventure Tours is an excellent guide for a hike in the rain forest or a bike trip. He is knowledgeable, patient and energetic.

Like I said, 36 square miles of paradise.

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8 Responses to Nevis

  1. Lee MacKinnon says:

    You sure picked the right week to go!!! Soak it up. xo

  2. We made it home for the 34.5″ of snow in Worcester!

  3. Looks amazing! Welcome back šŸ™‚

  4. says:

    I want to be there NOW!!!! Jeanne Coleman Thai Transformations 508-320-2411

  5. You should be working for Nevis Tourism:-)

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