Portland, ME

We were so busy eating our way around Portland last weekend that I hardly took any pictures. Plus, it was cold out and I didn’t want to take off my gloves to focus the lens.
My apologies for the limited photos…but I will tell you about some great food we ate!

Our first meal was at Back Bay Grill on Friday evening; elegant, friendly and delicious. After breakfast Saturday at our hotel we bundled up and walked to the Portland Farmers’ Market, enjoyed the local food scene and tasted some Kombucha from Urban Farm Fermentory. It seemed as if every other vendor at the market was selling parsnips and we noticed every restaurant was featuring parsnip soup. When you are all about serving local food, there isn’t much else left in New England in late March! We continued walking, despite the cold wind, since we knew where we wanted to eat lunch but needed to work up an appetite. Our hotel recommended Paciarino for lunch. It was the perfect place for fresh pasta, salad, some wine and a break from the cold, grey day.

The Portland Museum of Art was a short walk from lunch so we arrived mid afternoon and explored the collection. By the time we returned to the hotel, it was almost dinner time! Our reservation for Saturday night was at Street and Co., a cozy seafood restaurant with fresh, simple meals. As we made our way back to the hotel after dinner, we passed at least a half dozen restaurants that all looked appealing. So many choices!
Earlier in the day we passed Eventide Oyster Co. and Duckfat and liked the looks of both of them. We thought we might squeeze in a drink before dinner on Saturday night but we just couldn’t fit it in. A decision was made to try Duckfat for lunch on Sunday before we headed home. Once we had our plan, we crashed for the night, hoping to be hungry by breakfast!
Our hotel was practically on the water so after breakfast Sunday, we wandered along the piers and picked up some bread to take home from Standard Baking Co.

We loaded the car and set off for Duckfat. No one was very hungry but we kept hearing rave reviews about the french fries cooked in, what else, duckfat! The place was busy, the staff was friendly and the food was delicious! We chose the truffle ketchup and Thai chili mayonnaise to accompany our fries, decided against the parsnip soup, and tried several of their house salads. With full stomachs, we piled in the car and headed for home.

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9 Responses to Portland, ME

  1. Laurie Flynn says:

    We have been desperate to try Duckfat! So glad it was delicious – I’m adding it to the To Do list when I take the boys in June! XO

  2. The milkshakes were pretty amazing too!

  3. Lee MacKinnon says:

    I’m ready to go back! Parsnips never looked so good. xo

  4. Alison says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! We probably passed each other as I ducked into Rosemont for an almond croissant on my way home on Sunday…they are my new addiction. The other place I love in Portland is Federal Spice…the owner moved to the states from Jamaica to work on John Travolta’s house on Islesboro…when he got tired of that he started working at restaurants in Portland and finally opened his own.

    • The list grows longer of places to try…come to think of it, you have given me quite a few food recommendations…we are going to San Diego in April, do you have some recommendations?!?

      • Alison says:

        No unfortunately the last time I was in San Diego Alissa was a toddler, so eating in the hotel restaurant was about as far afield as we went! But I’ll look forward to reading about what you find!

  5. Jeanne says:

    Makes me hungry….but not for parsnip soup! Portland has been on my list, so thanks for the info! 🙂

  6. I was thinking about looking up a recipe for parsnip soup! Maybe with bacon! Or french fries cooked in duckfat!

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