Grand Canyon & Sedona

This was our first view of the Grand Canyon from the Desert View Watchtower.

It is an incredible site that is difficult to describe or capture with pictures…but I’ll try!

Our trip began in Phoenix where we met our guide John from CWadventure . We decided to use a tour company to help us navigate the trails and take care of details. It was an excellent decision as John was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and funny.
We left Phoenix and stopped for a hike and picnic lunch at Sunset Crater National Monument and made it to the South Rim in time for sunset!

The next morning we watched the sunrise,

then headed out on the South Kaibab trail, soaking it all in…the canyon, the birds, the views…

The federal government shut down happened the day we were leaving which meant all National Parks were closing! Since we were already inside the park gates, we were able to sneak by the barricade

and enjoy a hike at Shoshone Point before leaving the Grand Canyon.

Our next stop was a hike at Red Mountain Volcano

before heading to Sedona and the red rocks.

Our first taste of Sedona involved tequila and a delicious meal at Elote Cafe.

Then we hiked!
From high on Cathedral Rock

all the way down to Oak Creek.

Between the incredible scenery, our guide John and his trusty Park Ranger toy, we had a blast!

On our last day we squeezed in a hike,

lunch at the Rock Creek Cafe and a visit to the Heard Museum in Phoenix before our flight home.

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  1. I have a lot of travelling to do, to follow your great trips!

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