Rancho la Puerta

It was an article in the Travel section of the Boston Globe in 1996 that sparked my interest in Rancho la Puerta, a fitness resort in Tecate, Mexico. I tucked the newspaper in my wish list folder and periodically pulled it out to pour over the article. Fast forward a few years and I was arriving at ‘the ranch’ from the San Diego airport about to spend a week experiencing the magic of Rancho la Puerta!

It’s the little details that add up to create an incredible experience…sage-lined pathways, hammocks in unusual places, cozy haciendas, early morning hikes and literally hundreds of fitness classes to chose from. And then there is the food – creative, delicious, and most of it grown in the organic garden. I always sign up for the Garden Breakfast Hike to guarantee a visit with the most enthusiastic gardener ever!

Each time I visit the ranch, it provides me with something just a little different. One year I was recovering from knee surgery and took advantage of the stretching classes after proving I could still do the Pilgrim hike. Another visit I enjoyed daily pilates classes. And some times it is the sheer luxury of not deciding – waiting to see what appeals most – maybe a last minute massage or a contemplative walk in the labryinth. The ranch never fails to amaze, soothe and rejuvenate me.

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